Our world and circumstances are constantly changing. To have a sense of well-being, we need to be able to adapt to these changes. Sometimes, we develop patterns of thinking and acting that no longer fit our changed circumstances. When we get stuck in these patterns we feel distress.

Effective therapy can identify ways of thinking, coping, and relating to others that are no longer working for you and then identify steps to change these patterns.

Effective therapy helps you clarify what is really important to you, capitalizes on your strengths, and helps you work around barriers to taking needed actions, barriers like anxiety, avoidance, unworkable expectations, and others’ difficult behavior.

Effective therapy can set you on a path toward greater well-being. Happiness is a good feeling that is temporary. Well-being is more than that. Well-being involves the satisfaction of living a meaningful life, a life in which you act in ways that move you towards being the kind of person you want to be.

Effective therapy depends on establishing a trusting personal connection. I am committed to building that kind of connection.